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Crystal Peak

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From the top of Agassiz the line descends to down the high alpine ridge to the east.  Just short of the saddle it descends to the skiers right towards the south and town.  This route then followes the avalanche path and drainage for long beautiful run.  At the bottom you begin meandering right towards the Leroux fire scar.  Once you hit Freidlein Prairie Road this is the end of the run and you follow the road to skiers right back to snowbowl road. This is a long run, make sure you carry a map.  It flattens out at the end and you would like to get back to snowbowl road so you can get a ride back up to the ski area.  Please also be advised that this is the ski run where the only Arizona avalanche fatality occured, be smart.



Crystal Peak is the 82nd highest peak in the state, coming in at 13,852' and is located in the Arapahoe National Forest, Southwest of Breckenridge.  The peak offers 4 faces, of which 3 are ofen skied.  The access to this area offers some great descents, as well as come gorgeous views. While the peak is a 7 mile trip, the route is easy to follow, as it winds up through the ten-mile using old jeep trails.  The east face is a more mellow slope, where as the north face is a bit more challenging and technical.

This peak offers access to a number of other areas, and can be skied in stable winter conditions, or in spring. Depending on the year, the snow will be skiiable until Early June, but you will want to get off early due to the willows down low that will bog you down. 


How to Get There

From the south end of Breckenridge, drive 2 miles south on Colorado 9. Turn right on Spruce Creek Road. This intersection is about 2.4 miles outside of town. There is a sign here that says "The Crown".

Stay right up a small hill and then left at an intersection. There are several side roads in this area. Stay on the main road and drive 1.2 miles (from Highway 9) to the Spruce Creek trailhead at 10,400'. There is a large parking area here. This trailhead is accessible in Winter.

A 4x4 road will continue past the main trailhead, but 4x4 clearance is recommended. The road is an easy skin or hike.

Area Camping

There is a hut in this basin, Francie's Hut. 

Area Food

The town of Breckenridge will give you anything you need, including restaurants, bars, and grocery stores.

Area Access

There is limited motorized access to this peak, due to the fact that is is in a national forest. 

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