Hatcher Pass

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Hatcher Pass

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Hatcher Pass is north of Anchorage and has a pretty good selection of skiing terrain. there are some steeper chutes, some more mellow terrain, and a lot of different aspects. As with a lot of Alaska, the snow depends a lot on the elevation levels, and the treeline levels. A lot of hatcher pass has no trees, so you need a little bit of fresh snow to keep it good until spring time when it corns up. There is a lodge at hatcher pass, so there are sometimes more people than other areas, but it is generally not too crowded.

How to Get There

Go north from Anchorage towards Palmer. Hatcher Pass is 60 Miles from Anchorage. The approach from the Pass road is pretty short, with an average of about 1 mile.

Area Camping

It is alaska, there is lots of camping and lots of bears.

Area Food

Hatcher Pass Lodge has great food!

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