Kenai Penninsula

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Kenai Penninsula

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The Bowl

Steep wide open bowl.  The bowl tops out in the 30 degrees so only ski this in times of pretty safe avalanche conditions.  If you go too far to the north there is a MONSTROUS cornice usually there so watch out for that.  You'll ski down to a bench which makes a great island of safety to watch your buddies from (pick your location wisely).  After that there are a few mellow tree shots that you can pick up further to the east that will add into the descent and take you right back to where the road first switchbacks.  Be careful though, even these tree chutes can have pretty high avy danger.



Maritime Environment with a lot of different aspects to make sure that you will always be able to find something worth touring for. About 1.5 hours outside of Anchorage, and the views are spectacular.

How to Get There

Head out of Anchorage and head towards Seward. Kenai Penninsula is just past Turnagian Pass.

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