Lake District Freeride Arena

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Lake District Freeride Arena

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William’s Peak North Face Proper

From the summit, cut through the trees to return to the second headwall.  At the bottom of the first snowfield/meadow, pick your way through the trees staying left (most people take the gully and cut left) to another prominent meadow.  One more group of aspens, and the third meadow becomes apparent.  Just beyond the trees at the bottom of the third meadow is the road where you started.

Numerous variations exist into some rather tight trees, but this route is well-traveled enough that you can get pow turns in the meadows and follow tracks through the trees to the next mostly-unskied meadow.

If you are skiing early season, keep in mind there is a lot of deadfall and broken leg potential lurking under shallow snow, especially in the aspen trees.



Located to the SW of Brainard Lake this area has 4 distinct NE facing lines.  If you are on the road that goes around the lake it is clearly visable when you look due SW.  

From left to right, we have names the lines, Iceman, Hollywood, Goose, and Maverick. Each of the lines are about 600 vertical feet with Maverick being the longest and steepest.  

Due to its' exposure, the wind never blows into the "arena" thus reducing the risk of wind slabs.  In addition since all of the lines are surrounded by large rock buttresses it stays calm and the snow tends to blow in from the top.  

Hands down the BEST front range BC area that I have found.  

How to Get There

To get to the "arena" park at the Brainard Lake winter TH and skin either the road or the XC trails for about 3 miles.  If there is a lot of wind (as there normally is) I would recommend taking the XC trails.  Once you arrive at the lake, follow the road until it begins to wrap around the West end.  From this turn in the road head left into the trees.  Go due SW through the woods for about 15-20min and you will emerge into a clearing at the base of the "arena."

To get out, I would recommend sticking to the road.  You can skate or skin most of it depending on the conditions.

Area Camping

There are places at the West end of the lake to set up camp and I did see some people snow shoeing in to go winter camping at Brainard Lake.  Could make for a fun weekend assuming the weather cooperates.

Area Food

Closest food is found in the town of  Ward.  There is a restroom at the winter parking area but no food or running water.

Area Access

The only downside to this area is the "long" appraoch.  The 3 miles actually go by pretty quickly.  It takes me about 1.5hrs to get to the base of the arena and another 30min to get to the top for my first lap.  The nice thing is that once you get a skin track in you are looking at 15-20min laps.  

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