Mount Washington

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Mount Washington

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Hanging Meadow

The descent for this area is pretty short, but it does get steep. You start out going through the trees, and as it gets steeper, it becomes an avy path.  The hanging meadow is a short pitch that is void of trees, but be careful because it is prone to avalanches caused by backcountry skiers.  Once you are down through the meadow, you can cut hard left to get back to the first turnoff and take a quick skin back up to the warming hut or you can continue NW and go down to 7 Mile, which is a much longer run.



Mount Washington is the highest peak in the northeastern United States, and it stands 6288 feet above sea level.  It is often very windy, with gusts over 80mph.  The winds are often very strong, and the weather will change in an instant up there.  Very often people will say that Mount Washington has its own weather patterns.

The lines on Mount Washington are steep, and in a wide open bowl, which is abnormal for a lot of new england skiing.  Avalanche danger is often high on Mount Washington.

Some of the great backcountry ski descents up here are in tuckerman's ravine, the gulf of slides, and the sherburne ski trail.

How to Get There

You want to head up to the wonderful town of north conway, and head towards the Pinkham Notch Trail head.  You will get there from Route 16N out of North Conway, and then from the hut you will take the Tuckerman Ravine Ski Trail.

Area Camping

It will get really cold here, but there is some camping. There is lodging at the Pinkham Notch Visitor's Center, there is the Herman Lake Shelter, and there is winter camping.

Area Food

Drive down the street to Moat Mountain Brewery and Smokehouse for some good brews and some good grub.  Flatbread pizza down in north conway is also really tasty.

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