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Mt. Hope

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William’s Peak North Face Proper

From the summit, cut through the trees to return to the second headwall.  At the bottom of the first snowfield/meadow, pick your way through the trees staying left (most people take the gully and cut left) to another prominent meadow.  One more group of aspens, and the third meadow becomes apparent.  Just beyond the trees at the bottom of the third meadow is the road where you started.

Numerous variations exist into some rather tight trees, but this route is well-traveled enough that you can get pow turns in the meadows and follow tracks through the trees to the next mostly-unskied meadow.

If you are skiing early season, keep in mind there is a lot of deadfall and broken leg potential lurking under shallow snow, especially in the aspen trees.



Mt. Hope is a centennial 13er located in the Sawatch mountain range.  There are a couple skiing opportunities on this peak.  There are 2 main ways to approach Mt. Hope - Willis Gulch on the north and Sheep Gulch on the south

How to Get There

Sheep Gulch TH:  From Leadville, drive south on hwy 24 for about 20 miles and turn right (west) on Chaffee County road 390. Take county road 390 for about 9 miles, passing the Missouri Gulch trailhead, to reach the Sheep Gulch TH on the right.

Willis Gulch TH:  From Leadville, drive south on hwy 24 and turn right (west) on Independence pass (hwy 82).  Drive about 8 miles, passing the small town of Twin Lakes, and turn left (south) onto a dirt road.  Follow the dirt road for about 150 yards to the trailhead.  Cross the footbridge over Lake Creek to find the trail sign for the Willis Gulch Trail.

Area Camping

Plenty of dispersed camping options exist along country road 390.  There are also a few established camp grounds off independence pass a little further up the pass (west) of the Willis Gulch TH.

Area Food

Leadville to the north.  Buena Vista to the south, and if you're really motivated, Aspen to the West

Area Access

Any 2wd car can get to both trail heads.  Independence pass is closed in winter, but the road closure occurs futher up the pass (west) of the Willis gulch TH.  County road 390 is open to snowmobiles during the winter.

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