Thompson Pass

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Thompson Pass

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Big Jay

It is a steep face with lots of big trees up top.  Down towards the bottom, there are some drainages and a lot of thicket that you will have to battle through.  Just remember that just because there are tracks, they are not necessarily going the right way.

Due to the illegal cutting of trees, there is a large scar that looks like it would be perfect to ski, but is off-limits to skiers.



Steep and deep.  Anything you are looking for you will find it here, minus the crowds.  Sunny days can be few and far between, but when the snow pack is right this is THE place to be.  Veteran skier Matt Kinney wrote an exceptional guide that is available online and should be purchased if you plan on coming here.  is an excellent up to date resource for weather, route information, and avalanche updates courtesy of Matt Kinney.

How to Get There

Fly into Anchorage then hit the highway to Valdez, five or six hours of drive time depending on the weather/season.  Flights can also be made from Anchorage and take about 40 minutes, but the drive is beautiful and shouldn't be missed.  One can also take the ferry out of Whittier which also shouldn't be missed.  Enjoy!

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