Uneva Peak

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Uneva Peak

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The Knuckles

The descent for the Knuckles is extremely dangerous.  Do not go there unless you have experience with rocky terrain, steep runs, and variable snowpacks.  This part of Berthoud is prone to avalnaches and slides due to a rocky bed surface, limited anchors, and the solar activity that this area gets.  The entrance is not visible until you are right on top of the roll over, and very often people end up in the wrong spot.  The knuckles are defined by the steep rollover, above rocky chutes.  There is very little distance between treeline and the start of the rocky area.  Use caution coming out of tree line, and make sure to test the slope for stability.  If the snow slides, you will be dragged over sharp rocks and down a chute, into trees.  Alternative Routes are down the shoulder to the NW or to the South down High Tail Trees or Shop Chutes.  Exits for this descent are either the first turn off, or down the valley further to 7 mile.



From Summitpost.org Uneva, along with two unnamed 12ers to the south of it: Peak 12363 ft and Peak 12242 ft, form the southern tip of the Gore Mountain Range (For more information about the Gore Range see Peak W by JonBradford or Peak Y & Z by Kane). Unlike the rugged peaks that form much of the Gore Range, Uneva and its neighbors are gently sloped and are easily accessed. The only steep slopes on Uneva will be found to the east of it dropping down into a high valley that is bound by Uneva and the two mentioned 12ers. This valley can be reached via long hikes from Officers Gulch or North Ten Mile Creek Trail on I-70 near the town of Frisco. The easiest and most direct route to the summit of Uneva, however, starts at the Vail Pass. The trail from the Vail Pass will take you through a Pine forest to the remains of an old logging road near Corral Creek where a beautiful meadow along with old tree stumps point to logging activity in the past. Above the tree-line, the road/trail ends in an alpine bowl at the base of Point 12380 ft. This bowl is covered with a dense growth of grasses and flowers. Above the bowl you will find your own way to the top of Point 12380 ft and then the summit of Uneva. Please be ware that this route will involve trampling the tundra. In late summer, you might be able to follow the dry stream-beds but this will probably not be possible earlier in the season. If you are aware of more “mountain friendly” routes, please let me know. From the summit of Uneva Peak you will have great views of many of the nearby mountains including those of the Gore, Ten Mile, Sawatch, Front and other ranges. Vail Pass can not be seen from the official summit but it comes into view a very short distance below the summit. Parts of Dillon Reservoir as well as I-70 as it descends west of The Eisenhower Tunnel will be in good view. The summit register indicates that this mountain is sometimes climbed as frequently as a few times a week. In winter, the mentioned trail/road below Uneva will serve as a good place for cross country skiing. Except for loud trucks and motorcycles, the noise of the highway will be barely audible on the summit.

How to Get There

There are a couple of different ways to get to the peak and the accessible terrain. No snowmobiles are allowed on this side of the pass, and the access from the top of vail pass is the easiest way to get to the peak.

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