Mill D North

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Mill D North

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Starting Elevation: 7,400
Elevation Gain: Varies but usually around 2K
Total Distance: Varies
Avalanche Resources:
Snowmobile Access: No
Approach Difficulty: Easy


Mill D North offers a wide variety of touring and is a popular destination on high avalanche days and for novices. There are plenty of single area tours available and some great circuits. Some more frequented areas in Mill D North are Tom's Hill, Reynold's Peak, Weathering Heights, Dog Lake, Wally's World, Rude Boys, Powder Park and Short Swing. Parking for Mill D North is at the Spruces Campground. This is a popular drainage on the weekends and the early bird gets the worm! (and a decent parking spot!). One will pass a few cabins at the beginning of this tour so please be respectful to property owners. High points, Reynolds Peak 9,422, Peak 9,990, Little Water 9,605.

How to Get There

From the electric sign in Big Cottonwood Canyon, head east up canyon for 11 miles to the Spruces Campground area (signed) on the south side of the road. Cross to the north side of the road to the always obvious skin track heading northwest towards the Mill D cabin community. There is always a skin track heading through the cabin community and past the green gate to the upper Mill D area.

Access Issues

Be respectful to local property owners in this area.

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