Low Angle Heaven

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Low Angle Heaven

Submitted By: E_Poore on January 07, 2014

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Starting Elevation:
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Total Distance:
Avalanche Resources:
Snowmobile Access: No
Approach Difficulty: Easy

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Massachusetts » Western Mass-Pioneer Valley

Brookfield Orchard Beginner Loop

This is an easy nordic tour that is about 3.5 miles around the orchard.  While there are some tougher trails, the general route is to start at the Toll Road towards the left, turn right onto Mac Run at the bottom of the hill. Follow the Old East Brookfield Road, then turn to follow Lincoln Road,   Cross over the road, get back on North Connector, go uphill and then turn onto Oak Run (which is the easiest trail). 

After you cross the road again, you will continue on Oak Run, follow the stone wall, get on Great Woods Trail (which is rated more difficult) and head across the open field (hay U) into the woods.  Take Fruit Loop around the upper orchard, and then get back on the North Connector Trail.  Stay on North Connector through the orchard, turn left onto Mac Run, and make the short ascent to the parking lot.



Great low angle bowl/glades.  This is the first opening that you come to in the skin track from the main parking area.  I would recommend continuing to the skiers left once in the opening and the terrain will break over into a nice pitch that is around 30 degrees.  This is a great place to go if the AVY danger is high or you are looking for a quick tour before you need to back in Boulder for the afternoon.  

To provide a reference.  I left Boulder, with snowy road, at about 8am, ski FOUR good laps and get my partner back in time for the 3pm Buff Basketball game.

How to Get There

Probably one of the easiest approaches in the front range.  The trail from the parking area took my partner and I about 30 min.  If there is no skin track, head straight from the parking area then skinners left at the saddle.  I am pretty sure that it is a small 4x4 road in the summer due to the obvious opening in the trees.  Follow all the way until the trees open in to mellow glades.

Access Issues

Hard to access if road is not plowed but seems to be be well maintained.

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