Mineral Fork

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Mineral Fork

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Starting Elevation:
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Total Distance:
Avalanche Resources:
Snowmobile Access: No
Approach Difficulty: Easy

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the descent is a more open treed run that is on a northern aspect. it is relatively short, and has very few technical terrain features. As you travel farther north and ski the more NW aspects, the terrain becomes steeper. Look out for stumps and deadfall



Mineral Fork provides good access to some great skiing when the snow pack is stable. The east facing ridge and the upper bowl has been scenes of epic slides and casualties. Lines like the Room of Doom, Santiago Ridge, Moonlight and Highline are found here. Mineral is also a great place to escape the crowds. While you can acces this drainage from Little Cottonwood this description is from the Mineral Fork Trailhead in Big Cottonwood.

How to Get There

7 miles up Big Cottonwood is a plowed parking area on the south side of the road next to a metal gate. This gate is the beginning of the trail. Slide down a bit and cross the creek and begin hiking up the opposite side. This trail winds its way up into Mineral crossing several tributary creeks; depending on the snow coverage, temps, etc, you may need to remove your skis to cross these waterways. The route map attached is of Santiago Ridge.

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