Tuckerman Ravine

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Tuckerman Ravine

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The Descent is the obvious funnel on the north side of the 11583 knob.  This line chokes down to about five feet wide and then opens up again for the exit of the avy path.  Be cautious!! If the bowl up top rips it will carry you over 50+ foot rocks.



Tuckerman Ravine is located off of Mount Washington, and is a well known backcountry ski area for most new englanders.  To get to the ravine itself, the trail up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail is relatively easy.  Once you get up to the hut, named the HOJO hut.  From the hut, you will head up towards lunch rocks.  There are a number of ski descents in the bowl.  The bowl is steep, and averages between 40-45º and is often prone to avalanches.

Check out http://www.timefortuckerman.com for some more info.

There is some camping at the Herman Lake Shelter, as well as general winter camping.  You can reserve spots at the Pinkham Notch Shelter




How to Get There

Take Route 16N to the Pinkham Notch Visitors Center, then start up the Tucker Ravine Trail.  Once you get to HOJO's you can decide how you want to head up the bowl.  There is either the Right Gully, the Center Gully, or the Left Gully.  The approach is steep and strenuous, and dangerous conditions can exist.

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