Dragon’s Tail Couloir

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Dragon’s Tail Couloir

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Route Type:
Descent Difficulty:
Ascent Type
- Skin Track: Moderate
- Bootpack:
- Mountaineering:
Starting Elevation: 9,400 ft.
Elevation Gain: 2,400 ft.
High Point: 11,800 ft.
Max Slope Angle: 50 degrees°


Park at Bear Lake Trailhead in the park, which is at the end of a left turn after entering on the east side gate to the park.  There are two ways skiers can approach Dragon's Tail.  You can climb the route before you ski it, which will allow you to see the line and snow.  Head to Emerald Lake where you will see a south facing "Y" couloir.  Climb up until ready to descend.  One can also have a moderate skin up the east side of Flattop Mountain.  Take the trail around the to the NE of Flattop, then ascend a safe way to the ridge and head west up the east ridge.  Continue heading up the ridge above tree line untill you see couloirs on the left.  The dragons tail is the 2nd one with two entrances.   See picture of drop in.

Equipment Needs

Avalanche Gear, Crampons and Ice Axe (if climbing the route)


This is a straight forward descent, make sure you are in the right couloir.  There are cliffs and hazards all around this area.  It is a steep, 50 degree, ski run that can be dangerous.  Timing is important on a ski descent like this one.  The Left side is wider and a little less steep compared to the right side of the Y.  There are safety zones the whole way down.

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