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Submitted By: Dobish on January 18, 2010

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Route Type:
  • Ski Touring
Descent Difficulty:
Ascent Type
- Skin Track: Easy
- Bootpack: easy
- Mountaineering:
Starting Elevation: 10800 ft.
Elevation Gain: 550 ft.
High Point: 11350 ft.
Max Slope Angle: 30°


From the Parking lot, follow the service road to Skier's Right, heading East. The skin track and bootpack will probably be tracked out, as hikers, snowshoers and skiers all will be taking this track. The hike to Telegraph is very short, maybe 1000'.

Equipment Needs

There is no special gear required for this particular run, although backcountry gear (beacons, shovels, probe) are always recommended in this area.


This is a tree run that is a little bit more open under the telegraph lines. The trees get a little bit tighter as you go farther to skiers right, but everything funnels back down to the large switchback at the bottom of Floral Park. There are downed trees and stumps, but no other major hazards there.

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