Marjorie Bowl

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Marjorie Bowl

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Route Type:
  • Ski Touring
Descent Difficulty:
Descent Rating:
  • Winter
  • Spring
Ascent Type
- Skin Track: Moderate
- Bootpack: Moderate
- Mountaineering: Easy
Starting Elevation: 11,300 ft.
Elevation Gain: 2,000 ft.
High Point: 13,218 ft.
Max Slope Angle: 45°


There are a couple of options for approach to Marjorie Bowl.  Any of the options involve a mix of bootpack and either skinning or snowshoes.  The most common access to Marjorie Bowl is to park in the CDOT lot, or the Arapahoe Basin High Noon Lot and skin up the valley just East of the East Wall and Y-Chutes.  You can skin up through the woods until you hit the bottom of the bowl, where Shit for Brains, Mexican Hat, and other trails are combined.  The most common route is to go West (to the right) and gain the ridgeline. Once on the ridge, you will be hiking along the A-Basin ski boundary.  Once you gain the ridge, you will be able to see a cornice forming over the roll, with a number of different options. It is better to stay on the rocks/dirt rather than the snow because the cornice can get very large.  The start of the main descent down Marjorie Bowl is directly below the cornice.

The other way to access the terrain is from the North Pole Gate, and then you would hike along the knife ridge.  This is a little more dangerous as you cannot see over the roll and does not allow you to access the snowpack at all.

Equipment Needs

These routes require some extensive knowledge of terrain management, as well as some technical skills.  Avy gear is a must, as these North facing slopes are steep.


There are a couple of different lines down Marjorie Bowl, but the main line follows the ridge line down the fall line.  The top part of this descent is very steep and often directly under a cornice. Proper terrain management is a must. You want to make sure that you have seen the route and you know that the line goes through. The main lines to skiers left are most often filled in, whereas there are alternate routes to skiers right that do not always get filled in.  The apron of the descent pans out and often the snow will change at the exit where it opens up.  Because these are north facing couliors, they are often shaded and the snow is firmer. There are no trees to hold the snow, so be prepared for variable conditions.

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