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Route Type:
Descent Difficulty:
  • Spring
Ascent Type
- Skin Track: Easy
- Bootpack:
- Mountaineering:
Starting Elevation: 9,770 ft.
Elevation Gain: ft.
High Point: 11,600 (treeline) - 12,400 (ridge) ft.
Max Slope Angle: 28 degrees°


Here's where you park: "http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=39.498213,-106.136196&spn=0.002442,0.005681&t=h&z=18&lci=com.panoramio.all"

Cross the bridge in the lower right and start either skinning up or hiking up, depending on how much snow there is. It's a real mellow climb, around the start of the chute the angle is 15 - 20 degrees.  Near the top after the chute exits the trees there's a steeper section which gets up to 28 degrees.   The top of this chute is an avy starting zone, but the chute itself is not.  However the avys run all the way down the chute to the bottom.

Equipment Needs

Nothing special, skins, skis, poles, boots, and avy awareness.  This does slide so don't ski it under considerable avy conditions.


Wide flat couloir, no trees, very mellow and fun.

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