Shit for Brains Couloir

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Shit for Brains Couloir

Submitted By: Randonee_Urban on September 04, 2010

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Route Type:
Descent Difficulty:
  • Spring
Ascent Type
- Skin Track:
- Bootpack: moderate
- Mountaineering: easy
Starting Elevation: ft.
Elevation Gain: ft.
High Point: ft.
Max Slope Angle: °


To be 100% PC about the route, start at the upper, upper parking lot on the west side of Loveland Pass (at the closure gates just above the A-Basin Parking).  From here, tour up through the trees straight to the base of Black Mountain, where the prominent couloir is accessed.

It can also be done by parking at the Beach lot (and getting prime-time parking) and touring up through the ski area.  Pay respect to people working to get the mountain open, or if you're really ambitious (or lazy) look out for skiers coming down.

Once the slope is too steep to tour, bust out a mountaineering ax and bootpack the beast.  Late season climbs might require crampons, experienced snow climbers might just use poles instead of a piolet.

Equipment Needs

Skis, binders, boots, mountaineering ax, crampons, avy gear.


Once you get to where the snow ends, turn back around an ski it.  You will be able to see where the tight spots/shallow spots are on the bootpack up.

It's a classic line that gets a lot of looks but not too many tracks.

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