William’s Peak North Face Proper

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William’s Peak North Face Proper

Submitted By: Randonee_Urban on September 02, 2010

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Route Type:
  • Ski Touring
Descent Difficulty:
Ascent Type
- Skin Track: Easy
- Bootpack: easy
- Mountaineering:
Starting Elevation: ft.
Elevation Gain: ~1000 ft.
High Point: 9800 ft.
Max Slope Angle: 40°


From the "Winter Maintenance Closure" sign, tour up the road heading west.  The road will wrap around a corner so it faces southwest, giving you a great view of the snowmobile area in the valley.  Just after this corner a skin track leaves the road on the left and heads directly south into switchbacks in the beautiful aspens. 

Continue on this track until you reach a short headwall dropping off the ridge.  Continue past this first wall, through a group of trees, and a more obvious headwall above a meadow appears.  This is where most parties drop in, but others commonly continue to the summit for a great view of Sunlight Mountain Resort and Sopris Mountain.

Equipment Needs

Most people tour up, but a lot of n00bs try to bootpack up it, or snowshoe up it trashing the skin track.  Skis/board and avy gear in general is all you need for some fun 40 minute laps. 

Pick up after your dog, no one likes to see shit on the skin track.


From the summit, cut through the trees to return to the second headwall.  At the bottom of the first snowfield/meadow, pick your way through the trees staying left (most people take the gully and cut left) to another prominent meadow.  One more group of aspens, and the third meadow becomes apparent.  Just beyond the trees at the bottom of the third meadow is the road where you started.

Numerous variations exist into some rather tight trees, but this route is well-traveled enough that you can get pow turns in the meadows and follow tracks through the trees to the next mostly-unskied meadow.

If you are skiing early season, keep in mind there is a lot of deadfall and broken leg potential lurking under shallow snow, especially in the aspen trees.

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