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Field Books?
Posted: 18 August 2013 01:47 PM   [ Ignore ]
stoked for winter
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Do any of you use snowpit/observation field books?

Posted: 01 October 2013 08:57 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
Dave's not here
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This is the one that I use when I record stuff. i have picked it up in one of my Avy classes, but I found that it is helpful. There are a few others out there, like the Brooks Range one.

This is a kit that I have been looking at, since it seems to have a ton of good stuff.  It comes with pretty much anything you could imagine, and the price is right.

I used to have a field book from them, I am sure I still have it floating around somewhere. It is a write in the rain paper, which is always nice.

I find that both help me keep more consistent notes than writing on a standard pad and/or the back of my hand/duct tape on the pants. 

Honestly, every year I say I am going to be more diligent about keeping track of the snow conditions I find, but I have been slacking off over the last 2 years. I still go out and dig my pits and look at the crystals, but I don’t always document as I should.

Posted: 02 October 2013 11:00 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]
Disco Stu
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A DIY avy kit is always an option too.

I’ve found that digital kitchen thermometers work just as well as those sold in kits, and they are way cheaper. A slide loupe sold at photography stores works well too, though they don’t fold up nice and flat.

Regarding the field book - When I started out in the backcountry up in Wyoming, I’d use it every day, but since moving to Colorado, seems like I see far less pit digging and snow study despite the less stable snowpack… Doesn’t make sense to me, but the comment I hear a lot is “Well, if I dug pits, and based decisions on the science, I’d never be able to ski.” - A scary mindset if you ask me..