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Jones Pass Slide 12-24-13
Posted: 25 December 2013 09:18 PM   [ Ignore ]
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BC Zone: Front Range
Area Description: Jones Pass- Sunshine Peak
Route Description: We came in from the south side of the pass, and traversed over the ridge, turning right back
down the ridgeline towards treeline. We traversed towards the thick trees on skiers right.
Weather Description: The weather was snowing, with about 4” of new snow. The winds were blowing very strong
from the SE. The elevation was between 11,600 and 11,800.
Snowpack Description: The snowpack was about 40cm of windblown consistent snow on large facets at the
ground. the facet layer was around 15-20cm depending on the area. Multiple hasty pits were dug. Due to windloading
and small clumps of trees, the facet layer varied. The snowpack described was on NE face. The density
low, about fist dense.
Avalanche Description: The first skier left the small clump of trees at the top of the slope and skied a 32º slope
down to a safe zone on the opposite side of the gully. the second skier took the line slightly to the right on a slope
that ended up being a convexity that rolled over at around 35º. the second skier made 4 turns, and on the 5th turn,
noticed a large shooting crack above him. They skied directly into the trees on the opposite side of the gully, as
this was the direction they were heading. The snow was slow moving, and skier 2 was able to ski out of the slide
zone. The crown was between .5-1m and roughly 30m long. The slide path was roughly 300m long. Skier 1 was in
a safe zone and called out to skier 2, as soon as the he saw the slide start to occur. Skier 2 skied down to skier 1,
and they maintained visual and audible contact throughout the event. After the slide had stopped moving, the
debris field was still soft, indicating it was slow moving. The weak layer was the facets on the lower layer, causing
it to rip to the ground.