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  • Metolius Rabbit Runner
    Metolius Rabbit Runner

    The Metolius Rabbit Runner is a highly versatile sling that can be used over the shoulder or doubled for rock and ice climbs. ... [more]

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  • Metolius PAS 22 Personal Anchor System
    Metolius PAS 22 Personal Anchor System

    The Metolius PAS 22 Personal Anchor System is designed to give the climber a high-strength anchor connection. The PAS is super convenient and easily adjustable.

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  • Metolius Easy Aider
    Metolius Easy Aider

    The Metolius Easy Aider streamlines the process of moving up the rungs in a traditional aider. Just clip the next placement and pull on the tail to instantly adjust foot height exactly where you need it. No more fighting your feet into and out of the aider. The wide, comfortable stirrup (2 3/4 width) greatly reduces foot fatigue and buckles securely into place.

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  • Metolius Easy Daisy
    Metolius Easy Daisy

    The Metolius Easy Daisy is revolutionizing aid climbing systems. It allows you to operate both the buckle and the carabiner w ... [more]

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  • Metolius 5-Step Aider
    Metolius 5-Step Aider

    The Metolius 5-Step Aider is a classic, staggered, triangular step aider. Biothane step stiffeners insure the steps always s ... [more]

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  • Black Diamond 10mm Dynex Runner
    Black Diamond 10mm Dynex Runner

    The Black Diamond 10mm Dynex Runner is a low-profile runner for tradition protection.

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  • Metolius Ultimate Daisy Chain
    Metolius Ultimate Daisy Chain

    The Metolius Ultimate Daisy Chain enables multiple-length tie-offs and can be easily attached to your harness with a girth hitch. This is an excellent choice for belay and anchor situations.

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  • Metolius Anchor Chain
    Metolius Anchor Chain

    The Metolius Anchor Chain offers an easy and versatile way to equalize your anchors.

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  • Metolius Multi-Loop Big Wall Gear Sling
    Metolius Multi-Loop Big Wall Gear Sling

    The Metolius Multi-Loop Big Wall Gear Sling is a multi-loop version of your favorite Big Wall Gear Sling. This version offers more room for organization and protection. The pack has an insulated storage compartment for a hydration system, or extra ge ... [more]

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  • Black Diamond Five-Step Etrier
    Black Diamond Five-Step Etrier

    The Black Diamond Five-Step Etrier is an essential webbing ladder for aid climbing. The steps are reinforced and stiffened for easy foot entry and a ballast clip-loop helps keep them from whipping about in high winds.

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  • Black Diamond Six-Step Etrier
    Black Diamond Six-Step Etrier

    The Black Diamond Six-Step Etrier is designed to simplify your life in the vertical world. The steps are reinforced and stiffened for easy foot entry and a ballast clip-loop helps keep them from whipping about in high winds.

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  • Black Diamond Nylon Daisy Chain
    Black Diamond Nylon Daisy Chain

    The Black Diamond Nylon Daisy Chain is an indispensable part of any crag pack. They're can be used to rig Jumars, lead aid or sort out complicated belays. Daisys are precision bar tacked, individually inspected and their end loops have a ha (more...)

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  • Black Diamond Nylon Runner
    Black Diamond Nylon Runner

    The Black Diamond Nylon Runner has too many uses to list, from anchor construction to racking gear. No climber can have too many nylon runners, these runners have a minimum strength of 22kN. ALL CLIMBING SALES ARE FINAL! (more...)

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  • Mammut Contact Sling 8mm
    Mammut Contact Sling 8mm

    The Mammut Contact Sling 8mm utilizes Mammut's patented Contact Stitching to manufacture some of the best slings available. No climber can have too many slings and the light weight and high strength of these Dyneema Slings make them an indi (more...)

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  • Metolius Equalizer
    Metolius Equalizer

    The Metolius Equalizer supersling's sewn end loops and 10 foot length allow you to easily equalize multi piece anchors. Smaller and less bulky than a traditional cordelette, the equalizer works beautifully on multi pitch rock and ice climbs (more...)

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  • Petzl Rescue Pulley
    Petzl Rescue Pulley

    The Petzl Rescue Pulley is an almost unbreakable pulley designed for serious rescue work, hauling massive amounts of gear, and for intense frequent usage. Handling the fattest of ropes with ease, the Petzl Rescue is a veritable beast of a p (more...)

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  • Petzl Partner Pulley
    Petzl Partner Pulley

    The Petzl Partner Pulley uses an aluminum sheave mounted on steel ball bearings to get a high efficiency while still remaining ultralight. Swinging side plates make the Petzl Partner straight forward to set up. Petzl Partner Specifications: (more...)

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  • Petzl Fixe Pulley
    Petzl Fixe Pulley

    The Petzl Fixe is a compact and lightweight pulley for haul systems either in big wall climbing, crevasse rescue, or rigging setups.

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  • Petzl Oscillante
    Petzl Oscillante

    The Petzl Oscillante is a swing-sided pulley that is light enough to be in your emergency kit but burly enough to safely use over and over.

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  • Petzl Mini
    Petzl Mini

    The Petzl Mini gives you a lot of efficient hauling ability in a very small and lightweight package. The side plates on the Petzl Mini are designed to allow a prussik knot to slide when needed for hauling. Perfect for simplifying your hauli (more...)

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Featured Descent

Colorado » Ten Mile Range

East Slopes

As you drop off of the summit, you are on a large convex slope that is about 38°. This face is almost due East, so it tends to get sun pretty early. In the late spring, this slope can easily be corn by 9:30am at the top, so plan to be up there early.  There are very few hazards on the top section, as there are no rocks or trees that are really poking through.  

Depending on the size of the group, and your time frame, a lot of people will go back up and do multiple laps on the East Face from above the headwall, as this is where the most open terrain is.  Once you get to the headwall, you need to keep a vigilant eye for the convexities and the sliding snow.  These slopes measure at close to 45° and have been getting sun from the very first light.  The tend to slide regularly, but as the snow gets heavier, they could probably do some damage. There are a few descent options to pick, that all wrap around the lake and back to the main gully.

There used to be an old mining cabin, that you can still see the remanants of just above the upper lake. 

After the lakes, if you are done for the day, you should head to the right, so you can avoid the willows and connect back up with teh Crystal Lakes Road.  You can take the road all the way back down to the trailhead if there is snow.