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Hestra Heli Glove

Hestra Heli Glove

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Reviewed by DanF
November 24, 2012

Category: Gloves,
Product Name:Hestra Heli Glove

If you take good care of the leather and keep it treated, these gloves will you treat you will. I put a lot of use on mine in the backcountry and got about 2.5 solid seasons in them. For me, I consider that to be solid for a glove with heavy use. Although, I've seen some friends not treat the leather regularly and it makes a big difference. It seems to cut down on the life of the gloves dramatically. Treat the leather!


With gloves, I've found thst you get what you pay for. These are worth every penny. The hold up well when taken care of. And for me, holding up, and s good fit are the fundamentals of a good glove. You throw in great dexterity and you have yourself a keeper. They aren't the cheapest gloves, but competitive with some of the better gloves on the market. After you buy a pair of Hestras, you only wear Hestra after that.

User Experience:54321

I got a good life out of them. And the first time I put them on, it is obviously apparent that Hestra gloves stand out. The mobility and finger dexterity you get is unreal. I haven't found anything else that matches it. These are a great backcountry glove. I know a lot of folks are trending toward the no gauntlet, under the sleeve style glove, but for me the no fussing and greater protection of the gauntlet is the way to go.

Review:Once you go Hestra you never go back. I've had 3 different models of Hestra, the guide, the vertical cut Freeride, and the heli glove. The heli glove might not have the cool factor of some of the free ride gloves, but it is the best all around glove and a bit cheaper
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Hestra Heli Glove specifications

Category: Gloves,
Product Name:Hestra Heli Glove

Hestra Heli Glove

“ Hestra made the Heli glove for folks who need an extra-warm, extra-tough glove for the backcountry. The Heli glove uses tough waterproof, breathable Hestra Triton/ polyamide fabric for warmth with tough goat-leather palms for maximum durability. The Quallofill liner is removable so it will dry out quickly and you can get back out on the slopes. ”

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